Cameroonian hydrocarbons valorised

The volume of crude oil sold by SNH in 2017 was 16.818 million barrels, at an average price of US $ 53.268 per barrel, as against 20.51 million barrels in 2016, due to a decrease in production.


    Crude oil sold by SNH:

  • Kole, in 950 0000 barrel-cargoes
  • Lokele, in 650 000 barrel-cargoes
  • Ebome, sold in 400 000 barrel-cargoes.


Also, in accordance with the needs expressed by operator KPDC, SNH supplied a total volume of 10 591 million cubic feet of natural gas, at an average price of 1 536 CFAF per thousand Standard Cubic Feet, as against 9 764 million cubic feet in 2016. This level of consumption corresponds to 63.09 % of the plant's installed capacity.