A delegation of members of parliament at SNH

Members of the National Assembly's Committee on Production and Trade were received at SNH on 1st December.

The members of parliament came to acquaint themselves with the company's activities and were welcomed by Adviser No. 2, Jean-Jacques Koum, representing the General Manager. He was assisted by seven members of the Management Board, who gave presentations on SNH and its activities. The topics of the presentations included hydrocarbon exploration, oil and gas production, management of data generated by exploration & production activities, oil and gas marketing and SNH's financial management.

At the end of the presentations, completed by a question and answer session, the members of parliament, through their head of delegation, Honourable Serge Gabriel Benae, expressed their satisfaction with the explanations received from SNH.




SNH thanks Roger Beaumont and welcomes Bin Qu

The outgoing and incoming PGMs of Addax Petroleum Cameroon Company (APCC), who are also General Managers of Addax Petroleum Cameroon Limited (APCL), the two Cameroonian subsidiaries of the Chinese group Sinopec, were received on 27 October by the Executive General Manager of SNH, Adolphe Moudiki. A welcome and farewell ceremony was organised in their honour at SNH head office in Yaoundé, in the presence of the General Managers of Tradex and Perenco in Cameroon, as well as the SNH Management Board.

A qualified senior engineer with a master's degree in oil and gas field development from the China Petroleum University, the new PGM of Addax Petroleum Cameroon had served as its Technical Director since 2018. Before moving to Cameroon, Bin Qu worked in China, Russia, the Middle East and Gabon.

addax beaumont binqu

A moment of conviviality shared with the main operators of the upstream oil sector in Cameroon


binqu 271021

Bin Qu, PGM of Addax Petroleum in Cameroon since 29 July 2021

SNH hosts Mr Gill Dingome

On 29 October, the Legal Division hosted Mr Gill Dingome, a lawyer at the Paris Bar, on a visit to Cameroon. The meeting allowed the lawyer to interact with SNH's lawyers on the key aspects to consider in order to best defend the interests of the company and the state of Cameroon.

During the exchanges, Mr. Dingome notably alluded to what he considers to be the biggest case of his career: the SNH/State of Cameroon case against Omram Adham Group (OAG). It took 12 years for Cameroon to win this case related to the retention of promissory notes.

During the meeting, Mr. Dingome congratulated the Legal Division for the implementation of a software dedicated to the management of disputes, which allows for a proactive follow-up.



SNH rewards academic excellence in the ten regions of Cameroon

Like every year since 2008, SNH has offered an Excellence Award to the best public secondary schools in the different regions, according to the annual ranking published by the Baccalaureat Board in 2021. The beneficiaries are the top public high schools in each region according to their performance in official exams. In regions where the top-ranked schools have already been awarded SNH prizes, the donation was given to the next best school, which had not yet been awarded a prize, in order to extend SNH's support to as many schools as possible. The ceremonies to hand over the donations, worth one million minimun per school, were held between September and October, in compliance with the barrier measures against Covid-19.

Schools selected for the 2021 edition of the Excellence Award


School rewarded

Success rate  

Regional ranking


Government High School (GHS) Burkina


1st public high school


GHS Nkolmesseng


2nd public high school


Government Bilingual High School  (GBHS) Lomié


1st public high school

Far North

Government Technical High School (GTHS) Mokolo          


2nd public high school


 GBHS Dizangue


3rd public high school


GTHS Garoua-Djamboutou


2nd public high school


GTHS Dschang


2nd public high school


GTHS Sangmélima


3rd public high school


GBHS Limbé


1st public high school


GBHS Bayelle Nkwen Bamenda


1st public high school


 Chad/Cameroon Pipeline: activities as at 30 April reviewed

The first annual session of the Pipeline Steering and Monitoring Committee (PSMC), chaired by the Executive General Manager of SNH, was held from 17 to 25 May 2021, by home consultation of its 17 members, imposed by Covid-19 restrictions. The committee reviewed the activities carried out by the Permanent Secretariat between January and April 2021.

It was notably reported that as at 30 April, 16.07 million barrels of crude oil had been lifted at the Komé-Kribi 1 terminal, generating 11.59 billion CFAF in transit fees.