Increased quantities of hydrocarbons sold on behalf of the State

At the commercial level, SNH sold on behalf of the State, a total of 5.832 million barrels of crude oil as at 30th April, up 44.57%.

As for natural gas, SNH supplied 3 816.06 million cubic feet of natural gas, or 108.06 million m3, to the Kribi thermal power plant. This volume corresponds to a used average capacity of 149 MW, implying 68.98% of the installed capacity of the plant, which is 216 MW.

In addition, 8 058.61 tons of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) - commonly known as domestic gas - were loaded at SNH’s LPG depot in Bipaga, to supply Yaoundé́ and its surrounding areas, which is equivalent to 644 689 gas bottles of 12.5 kg, which are most used by households.

Concerning LNG, six cargoes were exported between 1st January and 30th April, representing a volume of 864 241 m3, which is equivalent to 388 054 metric tons.

As for the Chad/Cameroon Pipeline, it generated revenues of 11.58 billion CFAF as transit fee during the first four months of the year, implying an increase of 38.19%, obtained thanks to the increase in the quantities transported.