Cycling Tour of Cameroon 2022: SNH Vélo Club starts in pole position


Artuce Tella, rider of the team, won the yellow jersey at the end of the first lap of the competition, held on June 4 in criterium in the city of Douala. He covered the 123,3 km in 2h 51'33'', also taking the pink (stage winner), black (best Cameroonian of the lap), green (points classification) and blue (best Cameroonian in the general classification) jerseys.

SNH Vélo Club also distinguished itself as the best team in the general classification published by the International Cycling Union and the Cameroon Cycling Federation from the first stage.

The 18th edition of the Cycling Tour of Cameroon will be contested in eight laps, six of which will be road races and two closed circuits. The cyclists will cross the coastal, central, western and southern regions over a total distance of 1 070.8 km. The arrival of the final lap is scheduled for June 12 at the 20th May Boulevard in Yaoundé.


Results 1st lap, on 04/06 (criterium Douala-Douala: 123,3 km)

Results 2nd lap, on 05/06 (Yaoundé - Ayos: 118,8 km)

Results 3rd lap, on 06/06 (Obala- Ndikinimeki: 148,5 km)

Results 4th lap, on 07/06 (Bangangté-Bangangté: 129 km)

Results 5th lap, on 08/06 (Loum - Limbe: 129,9 km)

Results 6th lap, on 09/06 (Douala-Kribi: 156,6 km)

Results 7th lap, on 11/06 (Boumnyebel - Mbalmayo: 112,2 km)

Results 8th lap, on June 12/06 (Ebolowa-Yaoundé: 149 km)