SNH welcomes trainee officers from the International War College

During the meeting, which was chaired by the Adviser No. 1, Jean-Jacques Koum, representative of the Executive General Manager, the ESIG Officers followed three presentations related to the proposed theme, namely: "The stakes of hydrocarbons in the process of economic development and the quest for the emergence of a country like Cameroon".

Thus, the Adviser no. 2, Magloire Ndozeng, presented the activities of the upstream oil sector. After him, the Adviser No. 1 presented an evaluation of the contribution of the hydrocarbon sector in the economic and industrial development of Cameroon. And to illustrate that, the Permanent Secretary of the PSMC, Jean Noël Mbida Ntsama, presented the Chad/Cameroon pipeline project.

At the end of the discussions, the participants visited the Petroleum Information Centre, guided by its Manager, Blanche Achta Boubakar. They were given explanations on the map generation process.

The visit ended with a lunch offered by the EGM during which Colonel Jean-Phillipe Abane Mbom, head of the delegation, expressed the ESIG’s satisfaction and gratitude for the good organisation of the meeting and the richness of the discussions.

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