Villages along the Bipaga/Mpolongwe gas pipeline sensitised on the dangers of bush fires

The team in charge of the operation of the gas pipeline carried out an awareness campaign from 26 to 30 July in five villages of the Ocean Division, together with a regional inspector from Minepded.

It was in a friendly atmosphere that Job Ndjocke Ekambi, Site Manager of the Bipaga/Mpolongwe gas pipeline, and his team, conducted awareness sessions to sensitise the people of Kribi on the risks associated to bushfires and their damages.

Before embarking on the campaign itself, the team held an information session on Monday 26 July at the Senior Divisional Officer’s office, which was chaired by the 1st Deputy SDO, Emmanuel Longue Kingue Johnson, in the presence of administrative authorities of Kribi 2 and Lokoundjé, as well as chiefs of the Bipaga 1, Londji 2, Bebambwé 1, Babamwé 2 and Mpolongwé 2 villages.

Discussion sessions with the populations began the next day in Bipaga 1 village and ended on Friday 30 July in Mpolongwé 2.

Though the team was received coldly in some villages, due to the villagers’ various expectations, the discussions enabled to clarify them on SNH’s role in the supply of gas to the Kribi thermal power plant, as well as its responsibilities. 

Many grievances were also recorded. They notably concern the employment of local residents, electricity supply and advantages that local residents consider necessary to improve their living conditions and as compensation for the risks related to their proximity to the SNH gas pipeline.

After each presentation, quizzes were organised, and the prizes to be won were marked with the SNH logo and the key message of the campaign. 

At the end of the discussions, the villagers thanked SNH for coming to meet them and expressed the wish that this type of meeting would be organised regularly. They also promised to continue watching over the Bipaga/Mpolongwé gas pipeline and hoped that SNH would demonstrate its gratitude.

Zakyatou Djamilah Abdoulatif

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