Common interest first

As part of its projects, SNH gives priority to options aiming at the development of areas where oil operations are conducted, both in terms of business and employment opportunities and infrastructure.

With regard to the infrastructure aspect, some of the achievements include the construction or rehabilitation of roads and the construction of boreholes to give the local population access to drinking water, particularly in Mvia (Edea) and Bipaga (Kribi).

Depending on available funds, the SNH grants donations and subsidies of a social nature, to the benefit, in particular, of socially disadvantaged people.

Caring for staff

Personnel is at the heart of SNH’ concerns. As such, the company ensures notably that they have adequate working conditions from the professional, health, safety and infrastructural standpoint.

On another level, the company contributes to the well-being of its staff through a Solidarity Fund and a sport and cultural association, which serve as a recreational and mutual assistance framework for workers and their families.

 Mother's Day 2023 at SNH: Message from Mrs Nathalie Moudiki to the Mothers of the SNH Group in Douala.