A flexible petroleum system which offers incentives

Cameroon’s petroleum system provides for contractual, economic and fiscal incentives.

The flexibility of the Petroleum code allows negotiation of three types of contracts recognised by the industry: the production sharing contract, the concession contract and the risk service contract. 

The gas code which defines the accounting, financial, fiscal and customs provisions which apply to activities related to the development of gas, provides for:

  • the concession system for transport and distribution activities;
  • the licence system for processing, storage, import and export activities;
  • the authorisation system for the sale of gas, importation and installation of material and equipment intended for the creation of gas transport and distribution networks, gas storage centres as well as measurement and security equipment to be used by operators and customers. 

Regulatory texts to download

  1. Decree no. 2023/232 of 04 May 2023 to lay down conditions for implementing law no. 2019/008 of 25 April 2019 to institute the Petroleum Code
  2. Petroleum code (2019)
  3. Gas Code
  4. Law on the development of associated gas 
  5. Implementing Decree of the Law  on the Development of Associated (french)
  6. Model agreement for the transfer of non-exclusive E&P data on Cameroon
  7. Model Production Sharing Contract