A promising sub-soil

In Cameroon, there are two main types of sedimentary basins, which belong to three active African petroleum systems, namely, Niger Delta, West African salt basins and Southern and Central Africa rifts. They include:

  •  the coastal sedimentary basins
  •  the intracratonic basins 

The coastal basins, producing

  • Rio Del Rey: about 7 000 km2. 
  • Douala/Kribi-Campo: 19 000 km2, of which 7 000 km2 onshore. 

Intracratonic basins, non-producing

  • Logone Birni: 27 000 km², of which 8 506 km² awarded to Chinese company Yan Chang, which won a production sharing contract in April 2009, for oil prospection and exploration on the Zina and Makary blocks.
  • Mamfe: about 2 400 km². Heliomagnetotelluric and geological studies on the prospectivity of the basin completed.
  • Garoua: 7 800 km². 500 km of 2D seismic data collected. Surface geological studies completed.