Chantal Biya Cycling Tour: SNH Velo Club, best team


The team was ranked best in the general classification published by the International Cycling Union and the Cameroon Cycling Federation at the end of the competition on October 10 in Yaoundé.

The 21st edition of the Chantal Biya International Cycling Grand Prix was contested in five laps in total, spanning the West, South and Centre regions, over a cumulative distance of about 700 km.

Artuce Tella, rider of SNH Velo Club, wore the yellow jersey of winner from the 1st to the 3rd lap of the competition, before losing it in the 4th, hampered by a tire puncture as the riders were heading to Meyomessala.

His teammate Clovis Kamzong Abossolo, who achieved the same time as the winner Kubiš Lukáš on this lap, was pipped to the post. In fact, they were ranked by points, awarded for their performance in relation to the difficulty levels of the courses.

The First Lady of Cameroon and patron of the competition, Chantal Biya, congratulated and encouraged Captain Clovis Kamzong at the finish line in Meyomessala, and made the competition grander with her presence.




Results 1st lap, run on 06/10 (criterium Bangangté-Bangangté: 116.1 km)

Results 2nd lap, run on 07/10 (Bafia-Obala-Ntui: 132.4 km)

Results 3rd lap, run on 08/10 (Yaoundé-Ebolowa (Nkolandom: 167 km)

Results 4th lap, run on 09/10 (Zoétélé-Nkpwang-Meyomessala: 116.4 km)

Results 5th lap, run on 10/10 (Sangmélima-Yaoundé: 166.4 km)


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