SNH, a key player in the EITI

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is an international organisation, which strives for good management of revenues derived from extractive industries. It has adopted a global standard to formalise and evaluate actions undertaken in this regard, through National Committees comprising representatives of the government, extractive companies and the civil society.

Cameroon became a member of the organisation in 2005 and was granted the status of compliant country in 2013. SNH is a member of the National Committee in charge of following-up the implementation of EITI principles in Cameroon. An EITI Committee also exists within the company.

Documents to download:

• Licensing procedure in Cameroon
• List of petroleum contracts signed since the enactment of law No. 99/013 on the Petroleum Code
• Participation rate in petroleum associations operating in Cameroon as of 31st December, 2016
• Management of the national exploration & production database: interview of the SNH Petroleum Information Centre Director
• Procedures for the sale of crude oil by SNH: interview of the SNH Marketing Director
• SNH hydrocarbon sales in 2016 : prices, volumes, destinations, etc.
• State Mandate: Auditor’s Report on the 2016 financial statements
• Portfolio Management: Statutory Auditors' Report on the 2016 financial statements
• Corporate social responsibility: leading actions carried out in 2016
• SNH share companies
• 2014 reconciliation report published by EITI Cameroon

• 2015 reconciliation report published by EITI Cameroon