Key figures from 1st to 30th June 2018

  • Oil production: 12.427 million barrels (-15%, mainly due to natural depletion of the oil fields)
  • Volume of crude oil marketed: 6.109 million barrels (- 29.80%, related to the drop in production)
  • Average selling price: 69.97 US dollars per barrel (+ 38.36%, as SNH benefited from the rise in prices)
  • Gas production: 22 135.63 mmscf or million standard cubic feet (+220%, mainly due to the launching of liquefied natural gas exports)
  • Quantity of natural gas sold to the Kribi Thermal Power Plant: 5 793 009 thousand cubic feet (+17.79%, due to the improved consumption of the Plant)
  • Average selling price of natural gas: 1 497.403 CFAF per million cubic feet
  • Quantity of domestic gas (LPG) supplied (to Yaoundé and its surrounding areas): 4 094.152 metric tonnes
  • Quantity of liquefied natural gas (LNG) sold on the international market: 2 514 112.5 million British Thermal Unit (BTU)
  • Expenses related to Oil Associations: 147.732 million USD
  • Gas commitments: 3.531 billion CFAF
  • Other commitments: 13.443 billion CFAF.
  • Balance transferable to the State: 154.35 billion CFAF


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