SNH keeps Covid-19 disease at bay

From August 24 to 28, the company is organizing a second systematic screening campaign for its staff.

A previous screening of all staff in May allowed the company to identify and take care of few cases of infection. Hopefully, no serious form of the disease was detected among the workers tested.

In fact, since the first confirmed cases of Covid-19 were announced in the country on 6 March 2020, the corporation has taken a series of measures to limit the impact of this new disease on its staff and activities: systematic control of the temperature at the entrance, sensitisation on the respect of barrier measures, regular disinfection of the premises, adaptation of working conditions, distribution of masks and disinfectants and many others.

These measures have allowed and still enable SNH workers to go about their work with peace of mind, feeling protected, as much as possible, from the Covid-19.